Living a charmed life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Former collegiate sprinter and now dabbling in long/ultra distance running, with some cycling and triathlon in my pre-baby years. 

Married in 2011 to the lucky guy who is so patient and amazing and also deals with my grouchiness if I haven’t gone for my endorphin fix (a run!) that day. 

Elosie the explorer came into our lives inAugust  of 2013, so a lot has changed and is constantly changing in life since then. I retired from my medical device job to ‘stay home’ which is funny because we are always on the move! 

Since then I’ve been an RRCA Certified Run Coach, USATF Level 1 Certified Run Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer NASM with Sports Performance background. 

I love to spend winters skiing in Tahoe (actually I could spend all the seasons in Tahoe!) and attempting every type of yoga and pilates… Though I had more time pre-kids to discover new classes!

I now focus mostly on running and have a serious love for the trails in the Bay Area, specifically Marin. Though I love a road race and have some goals for my half marathon, marathon PRs in 2016 as well as maybe dabbling back in the shorter distances (hello 5k pain train!). 

Baby #2 coming in Spring of 2016, so we’ll see what new challenges lie ahead!







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