Finding Inspiration

I have had a huge 2015 in terms of running and racing.

PR’d in both the Half Marathon (SF Kaiser Half 1:32xx in February) and Marathon distance (Boston 3:15xx in April) ad well as completed the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge then 3 weeks later ran Rim 2 Rim 2 RIm in the Grand Canyon

Photo May 18, 4 19 47 PM

I ran my first Dipsea race

a 5k road race, first in a looooong time (another PR of 20mins at the SF marathon open 5k)


The Mt Tam Hill Climb (first to the top wins!). As well as several trail races, half marathon in September and October, a trail marathon in October and my first cross country race with the Bay Birds racing team. Whew!!

Not to mention big changes coming with our family of 3 expanding (more on that in a later post).

I was just reliving my past 10+ months of 2015 and realized all the ways I find inspiration to continue running and achieving my huge goals.

I am lucky to have an awesomely supportive husband and I’m naturally a morning person, so I can get in a lot of training by the time the sun rises. As a mom and particularly a stay-at-home-mom, I have to fit in what I can before the day gets upon me.


My inspirations include, my 2 yr old daughter and her never-give-up attitude, my husband and how hard he works for our family, my Mom who is going to be running her 2nd marathon next Spring in Big Sur under my tough-love coaching ;), many of my friends but specifically a friend who lost a lot last year and seems to pull through each day keeping her family afloat and herself sane. And thinking back on my HUGE and busy year of training, racing and adventures I am not afraid to say myself! I inspire myself in how I’m not afraid to take on challenges, push my limits and explore a new distance, race, experience.

I am proud of my 2015, I have a few more races the next 2 months to cap off my year and am excited on what 2016 will bring me as changes come in my life.

What inspires you?

Photo May 18, 3 30 30 PM

Photo May 18, 3 30 25 PM


Photo May 18, 2 01 37 PM

Photo May 18, 2 01 21 PM


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