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Kara Goucher


I’ve read some awesome articles and interviews recently with one of my mama runner inspirations Kara Goucher.
She’s about to run NYC marathon this weekend and will be featured on GMA this morning (Tuesday, October 28th) if you want to see her live in action ๐Ÿ™‚
One of my favorite quotes from this interview below:
“…I know I’m a better person, a better mom, a better wife and just a happier person in general when I’m working towards something for myself,”

AMEN sister!
Read on for how Kara Goucher manages family, running and her marriage…

And how she’s rediscovering herself as a runner again…


Where do you find your running inspiration?

Have you ever had to make a ‘come-back’?

Weekend of running, playing and eating


A sunrise 8 miles on Friday morning started my weekend off.


Rainy Saturday= lazy morning and some time on my road bike on the trainer.
The weather cleared late morning which meant farmers market, walk and playground.

Sunday was my favorite funday. A longer trail run of 18 miles, with 2500 ft of climbing starting at 7am and beautiful pacific ocean views.


A trail jump photo bomb


And a post-run meet up with the hubby and baby girl for the end of their hike!


Just keeping it cool over here

Filled the rest of our time with a lot of football watching and World Series viewings, some grilling out and awesome Mexican food, I call it a successful weekend!

Cheers to Monday and a great week ahead!

How was your weekend? Did you run, eat anything amazing or do anything interesting?

Corework- great for post-baby (or post Mexican fest!)

I didn’t consistently start doing abs/ core until after I had a baby when I suddenly realized my stomach had been obliterated!

I feel like my running is stronger now post-baby because I started to focus on the little things like core, hip, glute work… it all adds up to making you stronger and all-around athlete with less injury too! Win-win-win all around.

For the exercises you may not be not familiar with I found a youtube link with an example. But you can google any of the exercises to review and then once you know them it will be a quick, less than15 minute, core routine. You can do it 3x+ a week or more and edit down the moves.


I also found this awesome workout through Oiselle, called the Dirty Dozen. You’ve got to check it out! Dr. Lesko knows what she’s talking about!

How is that core feeling already just looking at the moves!?

What is your favorite core strengthening move?


My week so far…


How has your week been?
I’m just getting back into a training schedule after a light week post-Chicago marathon.
Tuesday I did this awesome track workout first thing in the morning at 5:45am. It was a long one (took me an hour and a half!) but worth it. Most of it was in the dark too (thank goodness for my awesome New Headlamp!)


I also spent some QT with my baby girl (went for some runs together, story-time at the library, Bay Area discovery museum, park, playground, playing with Tupperware- you know the works!)




Visited with some friends, hung out with my hubby after work and a went to Junior League meeting in the city.

As for my next race, I’m full force into upping my mileage for the NFC (Northface Challenge) 50 mile trail race on December 6th. I’m planning on 18 trail miles this weekend and will continue to build up to 30 miles to peak (weekend of November 15th) for this cycle of training.
I’m so excited to get out and tackle my first 50mile Ultra (I have one 50k Ultra under my belt), I just want to make sure I get in the proper training before then! Which means a lot of QT in the Headlands and maybe a couple of Tam Summits too!



Here’s a laugh for your day!
Have a good one!


50 BodyWeight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere



Theย The Greatist has some excellent resources for fitness and MOVING! Because it’s all about getting in movement anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Make yourself a priority, schedule yourself into your day and week to ensure you’re being the best you can be!


50 Bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere


How do you fit in your movement everyday?

What time of day is your favorite time to workout?


Happy hump day!

20 Minute HIIT Workout


Hi friends!

One of my favorite ways to work up my heart rate and get in a good sweat is a type of high intensity interval workout… or basically doing one move right after another continually for 20 minutes straight!

This is a good addition to complete immediately post-run to get in some strength training/ core work while you are already warmed-up. I’ll post another core-work out later this week that is also a good post-run addition too!

Take a 20 second (max) rest in between doing each move for 1 minute. I left some links with a video on some moves you may not be familiar with or you can easily Google the move to see exactly how it’s performed.

I also have an interval counter (GymBoss that keeps me on track so I don’t have to keep glancing at my phone/ stop watch/ the clock! You can download an interval timer on your smart phone as well.

High Intensity Interval

High Intensity Interval

Jump Split Squats

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite post-run stretch, ab/core work or exercise?

Bringing it back


I’ve gone through a lot of changes the past 3 years since I created this blog and wrote my first few posts… not that it was anything earth shaking! But I’ve also discovered some awesome blogs I’ve adored and thought I may re-visit putting some thoughts and my adventures out there…

Since 2011 I’ve celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary


Bought a house with my husband in Marin (10 miles North of the GGB in the San Francisco Bay Area- no house pic but this is better!)


And had an adorable little girl in August of 2013 (she’s 14 months now!)


I’ve retired from my medical device job for the time being, hanging at home with my baby girl, experiencing a lot of her ‘firsts’ and enjoying being a new mama.

I also studied and tested to received my NASM certified personal trainer certification and a run coach certification through RRCA. I’m having some fun putting together different workouts and reading, researching and discovering a lot about running, training and fitness- using myself as a guinea pig! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also discovered a love of Ultra/ longer-distance running. Triathlon has been put on the way back-burner and I would prefer to lace up my shoes and hit the trails or at least push my baby girl around in the BOB running stroller more than anything!


So that’s a quick blurb on my day-to day life, I’ll be back with some updates on fitness, race and things going around the Bay area!