Monthly Archives: August 2011

Foggy minded


What brand of shoes? What kind of clothes? What route to run? What pace to run at? What distance to go?

Sometimes all these thoughts and questions make me foggy-minded. Like I’m running through the fog, not only figuratively but very literally quite often for me! But simply throwing on the nearest running shoes and hitting the pavement or trails helps to clear my foggy mind and keeps me sane!

In the city by the Bay, San Francisco is known for it’s incredibly amazing running weather… though I am often running through fog, mist, wind and up & down some gnarly hills.

Run = freedom and some sort of happiness and a high that’s hard to explain. All you out there that know what I’m talking about are just nodding their heads with a smile right now…

Have a great weekend!

Nutrition Consultant (Degree vs. Certification)


I’m looking to expand my horizons and education and would love to learn more about my love of nutrition/ food/ healthy ways of living and eating. Maybe even one day start my own business!

But for now, it’s deciding whether to get a Masters degree in Nutrition or just a Nutrition Certification… Online vs. Classroom, Degree vs. Certification, a lot of time vs. a little less time commitment… decisions!

I am so very excited though to be exploring some other options out there. If anything the knowledge I will gain from the Nutritional program I will enter will be used in my everyday life and the life of my future family and kiddos!


Be the Girl with a Plan


I’m new to blogging (doesn’t every new blogger start their 1st post with this statement?) but experienced at running and I’m always thinking ahead. From what to make for dinner (tofu vs. chicken, kale salad vs sweet potato?) to whether to take a Pilates or a Yoga class on any given day. I also work a 9-5 job (med device sales) and have a darling husband, amaze family and fab friends to keep me entertained. I’m always looking for ways to express my love for running (which keeps me sane) and simply being a strong, tough, athletic girl with grit (I love that… Grit!)

Not sure where (or what!) this will bring me… as I’m always the girl with a plan. But I’m all about diving in.