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Hi! It’s been a busy couple weeks!


So last time I checked in I was visiting family in St. Louis.

IMG_9754.JPGMy grandma, Eloise’s great grandma!

That’s been over two weeks ago, and it is been very busy since. My visit to St. Louis was filled with family, visits with lots of friends, a weekend trip to Austin meeting up with my husband (who was there that week for work) just us 2, leaving the baby with my parents back in STL ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_9801.JPGFinally found some decent coffee in Austin!

IMG_9796.JPGYep! Pretty much sums it up ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_9790.JPGCool Austin Skyline

And arriving back to STL to some of the cold cold weather in the Midwest. Brrrr! I knew it was time to get back to Cali then.
My mom flew back to San Francisco with me, but we even had a cancelled flight the night we were supposed to fly back and a really rough flight with the baby and my mom when we did fly out.

IMG_9850.JPGThe calm before the melt down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Two days after we got back to San Francisco, I raced in my second ultra distance, theย Mt Tam 50k which was a tuneup forย The Northface Challenge (50mile distance!) coming up on December 6th!


Representing the Bay Birds Racing Team!

IMG_9855.JPGThis just happened (again! my first 50k Ultra distance was back in June)

The 50K was supposed to be a confidence builder, but it was a tough course, with almost 7000 feet of climbing and very technical trails (Um, we climbed a 9 foot ladder at one point!)ย  I went through a rough time from miles 18-25… There was a lot of climbing, many descents which tore my quads up and feeling lonely and wondering how I was going to get through the remainder of the day. But I finished the race really strong (passed 2 girls the last 5 miles to place 3rd overall) and now that I reflect back I know I am ready to take on 50 miles!

So after the 50k, it’s been getting back into our routine the past week and really relaxing. We won’t be traveling for the holiday season at all, just enjoying our family of 3 at home, hanging with friends, eating some good food and exploring around the Bay area!

Cheering on the Dawgs!

Playing in the leaves!

Library story-time and songs! (Sorry for photo quality. I busted my phone screen on my New iPhone 6 while I was running in Austin- hence the blurring selfie pic)

OH! And one of the biggest milestones the past couple weeks is that my baby girl, now 15 months, has finally, finally started walking self sufficiently!!!

IMG_9856.JPGEnjoying her early Christmas gift from the grandparents, the kitchen is a perfect encouragement for walking.


Here’s to a busy busy holiday coming up chasing after a toddler!

I’ll be back soon with more, just a check in and hope all is well!
Cheers and happy Turkey week!

Train Your Body Thursday


It’s the time of the season that many runners take a break from training for a specific race, so it’s perfect timing to pick up the slack in working on the core basics of strength the body needs to stay healthy, injury-free and strong. The time you spent running long mileage you should spend building a nice base for next year.
Check out some of these moves onย Runners World The Body Shop: Ground Work to lay the groundwork for a strong body for next season.

Halloween and weekend in the Midwest



We all piled onto an airplane on Friday and flew out to St Louis to hang with the family for the weekend.

In-laws came in from Atlanta and we had a full house of grandparents, cousins (my nephews), aunts/ uncles (my brothers, SILs) over the weekend!

Best photo I could get of a constant moving toddler!

After a long day of flying, Eloise is so happy with her cousins ๐Ÿ™‚

Had a beautiful view during my run along run the Katy Trail in Missouri
I had a long run of 22 miles for this weekend but found it difficult to get away for 4 hours to run that long with so much family in town/ around!
Instead I split the run to 12 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday mornings, being gone for 1 hour 45 min is much more manageable. Not the best way to get in training, but have to make choices and adjust accordingly sometimes.


I mean look at these faces I had to tear myself away from! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This week I’ll be spending some time in St Louis, hanging with close friends, getting a Massage at my mom’s fav place for runners to get kneaded out, checking out the Magic House and then popping down to Austin, TX to meet up with the hubs for the weekend after his week of work there. Great excuse to leave baby girl behind with grandparents and have some true couple time!
So will popping back in later this week!

How was your weekend?
What did you did you dress up for Halloween?
I was nothing but a comfy traveler but baby girl was a Lady bug!
Ps check out this throwback to Halloween last year on my Instagram. Baby’s first Halloween, but so love the toddler hood right now!