Halloween and weekend in the Midwest


We all piled onto an airplane on Friday and flew out to St Louis to hang with the family for the weekend.

In-laws came in from Atlanta and we had a full house of grandparents, cousins (my nephews), aunts/ uncles (my brothers, SILs) over the weekend!

Best photo I could get of a constant moving toddler!

After a long day of flying, Eloise is so happy with her cousins πŸ™‚

Had a beautiful view during my run along run the Katy Trail in Missouri
I had a long run of 22 miles for this weekend but found it difficult to get away for 4 hours to run that long with so much family in town/ around!
Instead I split the run to 12 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday mornings, being gone for 1 hour 45 min is much more manageable. Not the best way to get in training, but have to make choices and adjust accordingly sometimes.


I mean look at these faces I had to tear myself away from! πŸ˜‰

This week I’ll be spending some time in St Louis, hanging with close friends, getting a Massage at my mom’s fav place for runners to get kneaded out, checking out the Magic House and then popping down to Austin, TX to meet up with the hubs for the weekend after his week of work there. Great excuse to leave baby girl behind with grandparents and have some true couple time!
So will popping back in later this week!

How was your weekend?
What did you did you dress up for Halloween?
I was nothing but a comfy traveler but baby girl was a Lady bug!
Ps check out this throwback to Halloween last year on my Instagram. Baby’s first Halloween, but so love the toddler hood right now!


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