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Total Body Workout 15 or 30min


I try to get in some strength training 3-4 times a week, preferably right after a run. I will use free weights on my bench independently, complete a round of post-run ‘power’ exercises (I’ll share those soon), or some glute and hip work with a resistance band, core-work and/or a ‘boot-camp’ or ‘HIIT’ type workout to get it all in.

Below is a total body workout that you can do in 15min (1 round) or make it a 30min workout (by completing 2 rounds).

All you need is a set of hand weights (5, 8 or 10+lbs) and a clear space to get in this total body workout. Especially great right after you get back from a run and are already warmed up and ready for some additional work!

Total Body Workout-15 or 30 minute

20 Minute HIIT Workout


Hi friends!

One of my favorite ways to work up my heart rate and get in a good sweat is a type of high intensity interval workout… or basically doing one move right after another continually for 20 minutes straight!

This is a good addition to complete immediately post-run to get in some strength training/ core work while you are already warmed-up. I’ll post another core-work out later this week that is also a good post-run addition too!

Take a 20 second (max) rest in between doing each move for 1 minute. I left some links with a video on some moves you may not be familiar with or you can easily Google the move to see exactly how it’s performed.

I also have an interval counter (GymBoss http://www.gymboss.com/) that keeps me on track so I don’t have to keep glancing at my phone/ stop watch/ the clock! You can download an interval timer on your smart phone as well.

High Intensity Interval

High Intensity Interval

Jump Split Squats

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite post-run stretch, ab/core work or exercise?