Bringing it back

I’ve gone through a lot of changes the past 3 years since I created this blog and wrote my first few posts… not that it was anything earth shaking! But I’ve also discovered some awesome blogs I’ve adored and thought I may re-visit putting some thoughts and my adventures out there…

Since 2011 I’ve celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary


Bought a house with my husband in Marin (10 miles North of the GGB in the San Francisco Bay Area- no house pic but this is better!)


And had an adorable little girl in August of 2013 (she’s 14 months now!)


I’ve retired from my medical device job for the time being, hanging at home with my baby girl, experiencing a lot of her ‘firsts’ and enjoying being a new mama.

I also studied and tested to received my NASM certified personal trainer certification and a run coach certification through RRCA. I’m having some fun putting together different workouts and reading, researching and discovering a lot about running, training and fitness- using myself as a guinea pig! 🙂

I’ve also discovered a love of Ultra/ longer-distance running. Triathlon has been put on the way back-burner and I would prefer to lace up my shoes and hit the trails or at least push my baby girl around in the BOB running stroller more than anything!


So that’s a quick blurb on my day-to day life, I’ll be back with some updates on fitness, race and things going around the Bay area!



Published by SeeSarahRunSF

Marathoner, Ultrarunner, trailrunner, Ironman & mama! Lover of the outdoors & San Francisco. Certified NASM Personal Trainer, RRCA & USATF Run Coach.

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