Real food, sunny days and a soup recipe

I couldn’t agree more… Speaking of real food, all the veggies last night plus sweet potatoes and some grilled chicken…. Pretty much one of my fav meals. And the weather is almost too nice in January… Some sunny ‘soccer playing’ with my toddler… And another favorite soup recipe I’ve been eating all week! Easy toContinue reading “Real food, sunny days and a soup recipe”

Cauliflower Soup + Sweet Potatoes + running thoughts

Happy Friday Eve! I made this cauliflower soup all last winter and I’ve added it back into the meal rotation the past couple months. It’s become the base for many more additions to make it hearty and unique too! I originally found it here! As for my additions I will add in fresh kale (placeContinue reading “Cauliflower Soup + Sweet Potatoes + running thoughts”