Weekend of Great Outdoor Time!

So it was chilly and overcast in the city this weekend… and I thought it was the last weekend of the summer (or the first weekend of San Francisco’s summer!) I was wrong, but didn’t let it hole me up in my apartment for too long.

My weekend started with FoodTruck Friday night: friends, some wine and about 25 different food trucks to choose your eats from! It was cooooold and windy but so worth it! That fueled my 12 mile run for Saturday morning, which I had to restrain myself to an 8:45 min/mile and then I even went for a 30 minute swim in the afternoon! I’m the girl that signs up for a triathlon 4 weeks out and haven’t done any swim training in a year… So I’ve got some serious time to make up 🙂

Today I spent some quality time with my bike; I’ve been neglecting her! So a nice 40 miles of bonding time on a fabulous day capped offmy weekend workouts.

I think the best part of my weekend is spending a lot of random moments with my new hubby and just doing a few of our favorites things: watching college football, eating at our favorite Mexican place and hanging out with some fun friends! It doesn’t hurt to add in a couple movies, some ice cream and wine and I feel like my life is heaven!

No way I could get through this 3-day work week (YES! 3 day!) without a great weekend backing me up!

Happy Monday Funday~ Have a great week!


Published by SeeSarahRunSF

Marathoner, Ultrarunner, trailrunner, Ironman & mama! Lover of the outdoors & San Francisco. Certified NASM Personal Trainer, RRCA & USATF Run Coach.

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